Fix Desk for Teams of 2 per Month

Fix Desk for Teams per Month

Fix Desk for Teams of 2 per Month


No matter which pass you choose, snack bar with coffee, tea, juice, fruits and breakfast snacks are freely available. Maybe you need only a few hours to meet your client and invite them to a coffee, or  or you need a few days, weeks to complete your project deadlines. In any case we would like to offer you an adequate place and delicious snacks.


Luis Martins (not verified) Wed, 05/23/2018 - 09:55

Hi There,

I saw your plan Fix Desk for Teams of 2 per Month and I do have some doubts, this will be a fix desk for to people?
Price is per person or for the 2? Is it all included? when the office is open 24/7 or only week day with specific hours.

Please let me know.



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