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Hot Desk per Hour


No matter which pass you choose, snack bar with coffee, tea, juice, fruits and breakfast snacks are freely available.

Maybe you need only a few hours to meet up with your client and invite them to a coffee or just have a frustrating deadline and would like to get the job done as soon as possible, then head to the beach and relax. You might want to have a coffee and a simple breakfast while enjoying fast internet and working a bit on your projects. If any of these cases, the hourly rate is designed for you.

How it works?

Just ask for a QR pass from our staff at your arrival. When you finish, we check you out and let you know the number of hours used. You can pay on-site. If it happens that you stay more than 5 hours, the daily pass fee will be applied, therefore you won't pay more than 15€ for your stay.

Special case

No need for booking or online payment if you need only a few hours to use the office, however, if you know in advance that you are going to need the hourly pass on a specific date and more than 2 people are expected to come with you, please inform us about your arrival and needs by sending a message. Thank you!


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